Calendar of Events

  • Wednesday

    Professional Engineer’s Role on Application of Artificial Intelligence and Technology

    Apr 24, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (ET)
    Session Description
    Data has become a valuable asset to corporations and the public. It is changing how we live our lives and the quality of life for many global citizens. Professional engineers have to be Future Ready professionals where technology is dramatically changing how they work and how their services safely and pragmatically create cost efficiencies, create new products and services, and better serve the public. And now more top-performing CEOs now have engineering degrees than MBAs. This is a trend that grows as the systems continue to get complex. Technology is changing the profession and the new systems that are network platforms integrating physical and digital systems in artificial intelligence, data sciences, blockchain, autonomous vehicles and robotic process automations. The convergence of these technologies holds the promise of creating safer, efficient, and more secure systems. This presentation describes the disruption for the professional engineer, patterns that are surfacing rapidly. successful designs as well as gaps between externalities and internal changes. The gaps in scaling and making existing technologies readily available are hindered in the areas of governance, integration and openness of the architectures rather than the algorithms and design models. Where the algorithms and models are readily available in open source libraries, open research, and collaboration of experts for many years, the gap in integrating disparate proprietary databases, removing bias in models, organizing and cleaning data across multi-cloud platforms and open integration standards to bring together hybrid architectures is the chasm first to be crossed where professional engineers have to change as well as the systems that are directly affecting the public and our everyday lives. Ignoring the digital transformation as professional engineers is ignoring our commitment to our constituents and public.

    Learning Outcomes
    Learning outcome will illustrate that the adoption and application of technology is coming at a faster rate than ever before. We will cover some of the primary skills that professional engineers are finding most critical in their own work and the systems they are working with. We will cover the important opportunities where professional engineers are taking a more proactive role and the changes that are being discussed in professional engineering communities in the Americas. Discussions will cover our proactive positions we should take as a profession, what are the major challenges, and why.

  • Wednesday

    Engineering Ethics – Emerging Issues

    May 8, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (ET)

    Arthur Edward Schwartz, CAE, NSPE Deputy Executive Director & General Counsel, NAFE Executive Director, and DiscoverE Corporate Secretary will review engineering ethics principles and discuss emerging engineering ethics issues involving building codes and environmental issues, objectivity and truthfulness in the use of drones, patents and the potential infringements in a foreign country and signing and sealing of electronic documents.

    Participants will be provided copies of the power point presentations, NSPE Board of Ethical Review case studies, the NSPE Code of Ethics and other materials.  Each webinar will include an online discussion and interactive polling questions to guide participants.

  • Wednesday

    NICET: Developing a Qualified Workforce

    May 29, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (ET)

    Even the most well-prepared project plan is only as good as the people who carry it out. Having a qualified workforce is essential to increasing productivity, quality, safety on the job site.

    But how can you ensure that your workforce is made up of the most qualified individuals capable of ensuring public protection?

    Through credentialing with the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET), professionals in engineering technologies can set themselves apart as the most exceptional technicians in their field.

    Join NICET’s Chip Hollis as he discusses the ways in which credentialed technicians earn certifications to further their careers, earn the respect and confidence of employers, and continue to safeguard the public.

    During this behind the scenes look at certification and test development, you will learn how NICET examinations:

    • Distinguish the qualified from the not-yet qualified
    • Measure the knowledge and skills of individual test-takers
    • Administer exams that are fair, valid, reliable, and legally defensible

    This webinar will also cover changes from the old paper-pencil work element model to the new computer-based standard model. Mr. Hollis will explain how NSPE’s credentialing arm is taking advantage of changes in technology to comply with certification best practices.

  • Wednesday

    2019 Professional Engineers Conference

    Jul 17 - 21, (CT)
    Kansas City, MO, United States